Resident Services

At Mercy Housing, we believe that making the community a better place is just as important as building a home. We support our residents with the resources they need to be good neighbors and members of a greater community.

Mercy Housing begins with housing, but goes far beyond to strengthen the lives of the people who call Mercy Housing home. Whether it's educational support, a financial literacy program or health care education, Mercy Housing is always trying to help our local low-income community.

Mercy Housing provides Resident Services that fall into five program areas: Community Engagement, Housing Stability, Health & Wellness, Education, and Financial Stability

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ercy Housing is committed to the use of best practices in Resident Services delivery, program evaluation and program model development. Best and promising practices based in the strongest available evidence of effectiveness are derived from program evaluation, expert advice and practice wisdom. The practices in use are reviewed annually to ensure they represent the most efficient approaches available based on the population and setting.

If you would like to help strengthen the lives of people in your community, consider donating to Mercy Housing.