Just Imagine | 2022 Celebration

Denver Art Museum | Thursday Evening, September 22, 2022

More details to come…

Just imagine everyone had a place to call home and the supportive community to achieve their dreams.

For 40 years, Mercy Housing has been at the forefront of bringing stable affordable homes to families, seniors and people with special needs. Putting residents at the center of our work continues to be the cornerstone of our mission. We provide service-enriched housing tailored to help residents achieve their dreams.

Thank you for celebrating the bold visions of our founders and raising support to take the next step in our journey to ensure residents can imagine all that is possible. From experiencing homelessness to having a stable home, from feeling isolated to being part of a community, from struggling in high school to becoming a first-generation college student. Together, we can make the unimaginable possible.

Together, we can make the unimaginable possible.


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Inspired by the bold, fearless women that founded Mercy Housing, and guided by the residents that call Mercy Housing home, the Just Imagine Fund increases access to essential resources so that residents can chart their path to success and fulfill their dreams. Investments in the fund will springboard resident impact across the nation.

Watercolor Mercy Housing Heart donation Tracker

2020 Just Imagine Celebration

“I imagine a world where everybody gets treated with the respect and dignity they deserve”

Help make the unimaginable possible.

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