Just Imagine 2020 Celebration Honoring Affordable Housing Heroes and Imagining

Hosting a Watch Party

This year our national fundraising event is going to look a little different – we are going virtual. In normal circumstances, we would all come together in one place to celebrate how Mercy Housing has created space for residents to thrive. To help attendees feel engaged, inspired, and connected while viewing the event online,the “Watch Party” concept was developed

Helpful Information

What is a Watch Party?
Have you stepped up as a “Table Host” or “Table Captain” to gather a group of people for a fundraising event? If so, you know what it takes to be a successfully Watch Party Host.  The Watch Party can be virtual or in-person – or a combination of both.

You invite eight to 10 friends to be your guests – think, your table guests. If it is a virtual party all of your guests will enter your Private Zoom Room while watching the virtual Just Imagine Celebration on Facebook Live. If you host an in-person event, you will watch the virtual event from one Zoom portal. Attendees will also have the exclusive opportunity to join Jane Graf’s virtual retirement celebration that will take place as an after party directly following the gala celebration. We will toast her big heart and great work throughout her career.

Watch Party Host Fundraising Commitment
This celebration is Mercy Housing’s national fundraiser that only happens every 3-5 years. In the past, hosts would have purchased a table ($10,000), invited friends and colleagues and joined us in person. In this new virtual environment, individuals can make the same pledge to host a private watch party. As a Watch Party host, individuals commit to a fundraising goal for the Just Imagine Celebration, whether personally or through their guests’ donations. Funds raised will go directly to support Mercy Housing’s work to provide stable housing and supportive services to residents as they chart their path to success and fulfill their dreams.

Want to host a Watch Party?
Sign up as a Watch Party Host and we will help you every step of the away from sample language you can use to call or email friends to attend the event, registration information, and more. Your watch party can be in your home or virtually, or a combination of both. In advance of the event you will receive a Watch Party Host kit full of goodies for your guests and instructions on attending the 45 minute live virtual celebration.

What technology do I need to host a Watch Party?
You can view the event from your computer or smart tv. Don’t know how? Not a problem! In mid-August, we will be sharing the viewing platform the event program will be on and all the technology you will need to stream it from your device. More details to come.

Watch Party Host Resources

  • Invitation Template Use this template to invite your friends and colleagues via email. Highlight and Copy (ctl+c) all of the content on the template webpage, and paste (ctl+v) into a new email. Customize the language with your friends’ names, remove the section on in-home gatherings if you are hosting a virtual only watch party, and send to your invitees.
  • Zoom Room Instructions
  • Event Cocktail Recipes — Two custom cocktail recipes created for Just Imagine



Learn more about the 2020 Just Imagine Celebration here or please feel free to contact Debi Colias at debra.colias@mercyhousing.org.