Flobots named International Peace Pal of the month


Mercy Housing Colorado‘s Peace Pals youth group recently recognized the Flobots as an International Peace Pal, an honor the group has also bestowed upon Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Brad Pitt.

The Peace Pals,one of the many Resident Services programs offered by four Mercy Housing Colorado properties, is an anti-bullying initiative that reaches more than 80 Denver-area youth, many of whom are refugees.

Peace Pals meet once a week and teach an action-based curriculum that includes community service, diversity building, learning how to make healthy choices and gain self awareness.  In addition to teaching peace, the program has incorporated multiculturalism and global understanding into the curriculum through highlighting an International Peace Pal of the Month.  The groups or individuals are selected for leading by example and illustrating a way of life that advances peace and unity among all people.  The International Peace Pals are able to show the young residents the possibilities of being a leader and working to create positive change within families, communities and across the world.

FlobotsThe Peace Pals at Holly Park Apartments in Commerce City, Colo., have selected the Flobots, a Denver-based hip-hop group, as the International Peace Pal of the Month! The six members of the Flobots use performing as an opportunity to promote social change.  The Flobots have received praise for their major label debut album, Fight With Tools, and their song “Handlebars” was certified platinum for more than one million copies sold.

In addition to their music careers, the Flobots have developed their own nonprofit organization called Flobots.Org, which is working to strengthen and build communities through civic engagement, volunteerism, literacy and creative expression.

“We talked to the kids about the great work they have done and what the message was behind one of their songs – Rise,” said Stormy Mesa, Mercy Housing Colorado Resident Services Coordinator.  “The kids were very receptive to their songs and the message behind the lyrics.”

For more information about the Flobots, please visit www.flobots.com.

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