Partnering to Help Those in Need

Through an array of strategic alliances, Mercy Housing increases the number of affordable housing units, responding to individuals and families who need our help and promoting the economic development of our communities.

In order to increase access to affordable housing and healthcare services, Mercy Housing established the Strategic Healthcare Partnership. Today, nearly one-third of people who are low-income or homeless have a chronic health condition. Mercy Housing works with several major healthcare systems in the United States to provide enhanced services to contribute to the well-being and health of thousands of residents in the communities we serve.

Mercy Housing Strategic Healthcare Partnerships include:

Mercy Housing is able to leverage its trusted partners’ advocacy and representation within communities to ensure that the call for housing and needs for service are heard and addressed by local citizens. Our healthcare partnerships are designed to be replicable and scalable. Combining healthcare partnerships with preventative health and wellness programming reduces hospital visits, increases longevity, and improves quality of life.

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