Independence at Independence Hill

LoreenaMercy Housing Idaho’s property, Independence Hill, provides exactly that – a key to independence for the people who live there. Independence Hill in Moscow, Idaho, serves 17 residents with special needs. The property opened in 2006 and was the idea of a former Mercy Housing Idaho board member who saw the need for building an independent living facility for developmentally disabled adults.

All of Independence Hill’s units are full, showcasing the need for similar properties that provide the opportunity for self-reliance within the framework of a supportive community.

“A place like Independence Hill is important because even though the residents have help and structure here, they are still living on their own,” said Property Manger Leona DiSandro. “The people are all very caring, loving and giving.”

One such resident is a woman named Loreena Nathe. She was the second resident to move into Independence Hill when it opened in 2006. Loreena came to the property because it offered a more reasonable rent than what she was paying at her previous home.

“Loreena is a really special lady,” DiSandro said. “She’s a very quiet person until she gets to konw you, but she is a real sweetheart. Very easy to get along with.”

Loreena has a companion animal, a cat named Garfield, and her family is able to drop in for frequent visits. Through the property, Loreena also has access to an advocate who stops by to help her with anything from problem solving to shopping trips at the local mall.

“I love it here,” said Loreena. “And I’m a very honest person.”