Project Voice- California

Project Voice

Project Voice is one of the youth programs offered through the Leataata Floyd Student and Family Community Center at Leataata Floyd Elementary School. Established in 2015, The Center provides mental and behavioral health support and counseling, academic assistance, parent and youth leadership training, creative arts, and other enrichment programming. The Center is operated in partnership by Mercy Housing California, the school and the Sacramento City Unified School District in order to serve students and parents of Leataata Floyd Elementary and youth from the surrounding community.

1276.03_MHCProjectVoiceBook_web is an after-school youth development program that empowers young women to be leaders and social advocates in their community. Through project-based learning and youth-led research assignments, Project Voice inspires young people to explore and solve real problems.

Building off their inaugural photography project showcase at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum in February 2015, the students of Project Voice interviewed and photographed residents living in public and affordable housing in Sacramento and San Francisco. Their goal was to give a voice to these residents and share their stories. Over the past year, the students learned how to develop a research plan, create an interview protocol,and conduct meaningful interviews.