Hearing Testing Country Senior Apartments

Do you hear what I hear?

Seniors at Countryside Senior Apartments were able to receive hearing tests that they otherwise may have missed or been unable to access, thanks to donors.

Hearing loss is common in seniors, and has been tied to social isolation, which can greatly impact health. Loss of hearing can also affect your ability to work, understand others, and enjoy life, like listening to music or even hearing the voices of your loved ones. It’s vital to stay up-to-date with your ability to hear.

Through your donations and a partnership with Community Memorial Foundation, residents at Countryside Senior Apartments were able to embark on a new and innovative enhanced and amplified hearing program.

The first part of the program is hearing testing; the second step includes an educational presentation about hearing amplifier devices; and finally, a support group for residents participating in this new and exciting pocket-talker program.

Residents appreciate the supportive services they receive at Mercy Housing, and your gifts make these programs possible. You are enhancing the health and wellbeing of seniors so they can carry out their lives in dignity and within a safe home.