Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Celebrating St. Catherine’s 125th Anniversary!

We thank all of the supporters that came together for our historic 2019 Live in Hope celebration in Milwaukee honoring St. Catherine Residence’s 125th anniversary.

Group picture of resident

On September 12, nearly 200 people gathered at the Milwaukee Renaissance Place for Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Live in Hope Reception. We celebrated the 125-year legacy of St. Catherine Residence and focused on the critical affordable housing struggles that families in our community continue to face.

Live painter at the Live in Hope eventThe evening featured inspiring messages of hope, highlighting how St. Catherine’s has had such a positive impact on the community. We celebrated the people who make this possible because, without them, our essential work of providing stable affordable housing wouldn’t be possible.

Mayor Tom Barrett welcomed attendees and stressed the importance of Mercy Housing and St. Catherine’s partnership to meet the needs of the Milwaukee community. “Mercy has demonstrated to me that it cares about people, it knows how to get things done, and it’s a responsible member of the community.”

Mercy Housing Lakefront presented its first-ever Live in Hope awards, recognizing important community supporters who share St. Catherine’s and Mercy Housing’s mission.

Live in Hope AttendeesCarole Meekins received the Spirit of Mercy Award for 30 years of cultivating positivity and unity in our community through skillful news reporting and philanthropy. Carole has engaged and encouraged us all to see the greatness in others and has been pivotal in enacting positive change throughout her community.

Our Volunteer Service Award was presented to Friends of St. Catherine Residence for their 50 years of impactful work to improve the lives of the residents at St. Catherine Residence. This organization not only shares their time, talent, and resources with all the women of St. Catherine’s, but they also serve as mentors, friends, and sources of encouragement for many facing challenging circumstances.

Three women who have lived at St. Catherine Residence shared their stories of how St. Catherine’s has helped them live in hope. Debra, Caryl, and Ellen’s stories inspire everyone at Mercy Housing Lakefront. Learn more about how your support helped them live in hope inside.

Mark Angelini with honoreeWe couldn’t accomplish all that we do without your support. From all Mercy Housing Lakefront residents, staff, and volunteers, we thank everyone that attended the 2019 Live in Hope Celebration. St. Catherine Residence’s 125th Anniversary marks a historic milestone in the community. Together, with all our supporters and partners, we will continue to help women and families in need to pursue their dreams of brighter futures.