Volunteers and residents enjoyed this joyous holiday together

Many Holidays, One Mercy Housing

For many Mission Creek Senior Community residents in San Francisco, the Autumn Moon Festival, a popular holiday celebrated throughout East Asia, brings a sense of belonging and thanks. Though it’s a cherished holiday for many Asian households, residents hadn’t had the chance to celebrate together with the entire Mission Creek community.

Many Holidays One Mercy HousingMercy Housing values community involvement and welcomed the opportunity to partner with volunteers from Wells Fargo to make the Autumn Moon Festival extra special. Gatherings like these are opportunities to learn from neighbors and seniors avoid isolation while irreplaceable networks of support are created. Because Wells Fargo shares these community values they approached Mercy Housing and offered to sponsor the event.

Volunteers and residents enjoyed this joyous holiday together, helping each other to create lanterns and served tea and mooncakes — the essential traditions that make this time of year so important to these cultures.

Thank you Wells Fargo, for supporting Mercy Housing residents as they build meaningful bonds, honor their traditions, and keep the spirit of home thriving at Mercy Housing California.