The Path of Perseverance

As a young, single mother of two, Kathy moved into Mercy Housing’s Decatur Place Apartments in Denver with one goal in mind. She wanted to prove to herself and her kids that she could make it on her own and provide a good life for them all. For some, that might sound like an overwhelming task, but with Kathy’s positive, can-do attitude it was the fuel that kept her going.

KathyKathy heard about Mercy Housing through a relative and when an apartment became available, she moved right in. She was ready to leave the protection of her parents’ house and forge her own path. Living at Decatur Place allowed her to do that. Kathy participated in a Resident Services program designed to help single parents with the resources that supported both personal and professional growth. It required her to meet regularly with a social worker, volunteer each month, and participate in three onsite classes every week.

A variety of classes gave Kathy the opportunity to learn and grow. The Resident Services staff offered parenting skills, cooking classes, and health and fitness education. Kathy also participated in different events hosted at Decatur, such as family-friendly holiday parties where kids living onsite received donated gifts.

Kathy“The kids loved the holidays! The parties helped them feel included and very grateful for what we had,” said Kathy.
Thanks to the generous donations from supporters like you, programs and events like these are available to residents. Kathy was able to give her kids a life that made them proud. It taught them values they will hold onto for the rest of their lives.

These programs gave Kathy a support system that allowed her to pursue her dream of going to college. She started at a community college and then transferred to the University of Colorado Denver where she studied Business Administration. Kathy’s path wasn’t always easy. Days and nights were busy with classes and studying, and weekends were spent with her kids. She often relied on the bus for transportation which meant additional coordination and time out of her already packed day.

Through it all, Kathy remained vigilant and never lost sight of her goals.

“I needed to do what I needed to do to better myself and show my kids that with perseverance and determination, anything was possible,” said Kathy.

Things have not slowed down much for Kathy since earning her bachelor’s degree. She is currently working on a master’s degree in Executive Leadership and hopes to use this to continue her passion for retail while working at Kiehl’s. Even though her kids are now grown and starting families of their own, Kathy continues to reinvent herself every day.

Kathy lived at Decatur for almost three years, and those years proved to be so impactful for her and her family. She is so grateful to have been able to raise her family on her terms and for the role Mercy Housing provided in their lives.

“I’m really glad I took advantage of all the opportunities that were presented to me there. It was something in my life I will never forget and I’m really grateful for that experience,” said Kathy.