Serving Seniors in Need

The number of senior citizens is increasing at the fastest rate ever seen in our country’s history. As one of the nation’s largest developers and owners of senior housing, Mercy Housing addresses senior housing needs by providing affordable housing that is with services that seek to improve and maintain the status of older adults in terms of their personal economic development, health, and community engagement.

Our senior properties result in older adults having a sense that they are aging well and have a higher quality of life. Senior poverty and homelessness is a nationwide issue. Learn how to help.

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 3.5 million people age 65 and older live below the poverty threshold).
  • 21% of Mercy Housing’s residents are seniors.
  • Mercy Housing currently manages nearly 100 properties with 5,455 affordable rental homes for seniors throughout the nation.
  • The median annual income for seniors living at Mercy Housing properties is$12,683.
  • 81% of senior residents receive outreach contacts in the form of Resident Services and wellness checks by Mercy Housing staff.

Most of the housing units currently under development are designed for seniors that want to live independent lifestyles. In this housing, older adults can live safely on-their-own and conduct most routine daily living activities.

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