Meet our Mercy Housing California Donors

Mercy Housing California would like to thank the sponsors of our 2021 virtual event Bridging the Divide. Their generous support helps us build healthy, thriving, communities and close the gaps that residents face in achieving their goals.

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At Mercy Housing, we make every effort to properly thank our donors. Should you find that your listing is not correct, please email Rosalyn Sternberg at

Thank you!

We want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and organizations that make our work possible through their generous contributions. Mercy Housing California thanks the following donors for their contributions to our 2020 Annual Fund.

2020 Organizational Donors

Alameda County Census Office
Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Allstate Giving Campaign
Amazon Smile Foundation
Armstead Academic Project
Bayside Covenant Church
Bayside Midtown
Bettye Poetz Ferguson Foundation
Boulevard Court NA Meeting
Bright Funds Foundation
California Bank and Trust
California Coalition for Rural Housing
California Community Foundation
California Housing Partnership Corporation
Capital One Bank
CG Moving Company Inc.
Chase-Pacific Safety LLC
City National Bank
Community Economics, Inc.
Community Foundation of San Joaquin County
David Baker Architects
EA Games
El Dorado Community Foundation
Elder Care Management
Enterprise Community Partners
Flower to the People
Frans Debry Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation
The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Herman Coliver Locus Architecture
HKIT Architects
Horizons Foundation
Japanese American Religious Federation Housing Inc
The Kelly Foundation
LD Micro
Levi Strauss & Co.
Levy Design Partners, Inc.
The Lowell Berry Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Marin County Parks
Menorah Park


Mercy Foundation
Mondelez International Foundation
Movement Foundation, Inc.
MUFG Union Bank Foundation
Murphy Burr Curry, Inc.
Network for Good
Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
The O’Shea Foundation
Okamoto Saijo Architecture
Paulett Taggart Architects Inc.
The PG&E Corporation Foundation
Placentia Community Foundation
Pyatok Architects, Inc.
Republic Indemnity
Rockridge Geotechnical, Inc.
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Safe & Sound
SAFE Credit Union
Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Alliance
Silicon Valley Quilts of Valor
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community
Sisters of the Holy Family
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future
Stupski Foundation
Sunday Morning Recovery
Take A Break to Recover, Group #87
Tehama Together, Inc.
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
U.S. Bank
United Way California Capital Region
Urban Design Consulting Engineers
Valley Vision
Van Meter Williams Pollack
Visa Inc. Corporate Giving Program
Well Aging Med, Inc
Wells Fargo Foundation
Willis Towers Watson
YMCA of San Francisco

2020 Individual Donors

Merrilea and Dominic Agostino
Kelly Akins
Lily Alegria
Denise Allen and Mark Hayes
Charlotte Anderson
Gene Andrews
Anonymous (16)
Jeremy Apthorp
Alejandra D. Argueta
Sandie Arnott
David Arpi
James and Carol Babcock
Elise and Kyle Baker
Thom and Jillian Bales
Walter Bankovitch and Jocelyn Pou
Leia Baraza
Alisa Barrios
Noel Bayley
David and Gerri Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Bertelsen, Jr.
Jack and JoAnn Bertges
Karen Bloom
Mrs. Mary M. Bona
Natalie Bonnewit and Matthew Myers
Roberta Borgonovo
Celeste and Jerry Brasuell
Clarece Breen
Tangerine Brigham
Melissa Brisso
Steffan Brown
Sue Wenrich-Bucholz
Lawrence and Faith Burgard
Rose E. Burgis
Robert Burk
Shannon Burnham
Patricia Caesar
Jay and Pat Cahill
Mary Carp
Martin and Jennifer Carp
Gonzalo Castro
Craig and Willa Chalmers
Carolyn K. Chamberlain
Jim Chappell
Andrew Chen
Beverly Chester
Anna Chun
Ashley and Kenneth Coates
Robert Cohen
Jennifer Collins
Edward Cornell
Bradley Cox
Heather Crossen
Kody Cullum
Susan Daniloff
Ramie Dare
Jacob DaRosa
Stephan and Gretchen Daues
Amelia Davenport
Nicole Davis
James Dawes
Mary Deakers
Giovanna DeNicola
Lisa L. Desmond
Jennifer Dolin
Kathleen and Charles Dooley
Al and Liz Dossa
Brian Dossey
Timothy Dunn
The Duong Family
James Eckerman
Zachary Edminster
Holly Eliot
Finn Ellis
Carmen Enriquez
Carolyn Ervin
Guy and Stacey Estes
Janet Falk
Michele Felt
Ford and Leticia Fish
Dennis and Helen Fisicaro
Kerri Foisy
Kelly Follett
Earl Fong
Renee Franken and Barbara Moore
Tracy Freedman
Kylie French
Mark Frye
Jennifer Fu
Julyann Fu
Theresa Gallegos
Jyotindra Gandhi
Meeta Gandhi
Christina Garcia and Mark Campbell
Paul Garfinkel and Rachel Leibman
Rachel Garner
Emma Gee
Mr. Donald Genovese
Jim and Cathy Gibson
Margot Golding and Michael Powers
Judd Goodman
Brandon Gordon
Michael Gorman
Ruth K. Graham
Robert J. Grassilli, Jr.
Jonathan Griffiths
Dick Grosboll
Evan Gross
Barbara Gualco
Cheryl Haase
Maxine Haft
Veda Hall
Amanda Halley
Richard Hammer
Josh Hannah and Denise Yamamoto
Catherine Hanson
John Hazatone
Edie Heilman and Richard Weiss
Cecilia and Jim Herbert
Hossein Khadevi Heris
Katheryn Hermann
Arthur Hernandez
Danielle N. Hernandez
Benjamin Herrera
Miguelita Hight
Susan Hirsch
Josh Holder
Lori Horn
Gordon Howie and Wilma Reichard
Fiona Hsu
Lindsay Hu
Ashlei B. Hurst
Anwar Hussain
Elizabeth Imm
Matthew and Kristy Irwin
George and Jacqueline Ivelich
Marc and Kaye Jacuzzi
Melissa Meade-Jagears
Ellen Jamason
The Jivan Family
David J. Johnson
Mark Joseph
Ms. and Mr. Gail Kania
Michael Kaplan and Karen Tang
Mary Kelley
Barbara Kelly
Raquel Kim
Joe and Abby Kirchofer
Michele De Koekkoek
Stewart Kohl
Michael and Olga Krambs
Richard and Susan Kramer
Barbara Krengel
Elizabeth Landa
Timothy and Elaine Lander
Ronald Lau


John W. Laws and Rhonda Gray
Kiet Le
Ngan Sui Lau Lee
Leonard Lee
Christopher and Clare Lee
Catherine Lee
Richard and Jane Leider
Maria Leon
Rebecca Levine
Howard and Irene Levine
Elaina Lewis
James Liang
Michael and Joyce Liebe
Susan Liem
Nathan Little
Patricia L. Lohse
Deborah Lucchese
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Magnano
Nicholas Manessis
Alfred Mann
Laurie and Mike Marshall
Pedro Martinezmoles
William McCarthy
Lynne and Joe McGillivray
Wendy McPherson
Deacon Robert Meave
Bryan Meek
Raquel Mendez
Maria Perez-Mendiola
Laurie Mendivil
Ezra and Carol Mersey
Phil Mertens
Roberta Johnson Miles
Henry Milich
Deborah Millette
Lauline Mitchell
Marianne Mitosinka
Leah Monge
Anthony Mongini
David Moreno
Mike and Mary Murphy
Richard and Jane Nahass
Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Nash
Sylvia Navari
Iris Ng
Huy Nghieu
Jennifer Norton
Marsha O’Bannon
Shao Jia Ouyang
David Panec
Nancy Pape
Bill and Carol Parente
JP Patton
William J. Pavão
Phillip and Angela Pearson
Fred Pollack
Leta Porter
Russell Postell
Bruce Prescott and Fran Hegeler
Hugo O. Quevedo
Rachel Comahig-Quintans
Jennifer Rebel
Janice and Caetano Remedios
Kathi Rendon
Jon Riemenschneider
Jeffrey Riley
Barbara Robbins
Sharon H. Robinson
Shari R. Roeseler
Benjamin Ron
Elisabeth and Lee Rossi
Janet and Stephen Ruggiero
Theodore Russell
Dick and Jan Saalfeld
Mirian Saez
Lori Saito
Tracey Saizan
Christopher Saizan
Jaime Santos
Mary Lou Schoone
Margaret Schrand
David Scott
Jacob Seidman
Ann Sewill
Carol and Larry Shen
Douglas Shoemaker and Claire Horton
Jasmin Shuff
Michael Sicilia
Virginia M. Sickle
Anne Simpson
Krystyna Sinnott
Bob and Robyn Slakey
Niel Slaughter
Sheryle Smith
Winthrop Snow
S. Monica Soni, MD
Justin Sorba
Jessica Soske
Harry Spanglet and Anita Pawley
Roberta Sparkman
Dianne and Bruce Spaulding
Jackie Speier
Richard L. Sprague
Amy Stewart
Augusta Stewart
Peggy Stine
Gena M. Stinnett
Beth Stoebner
Sylvia and Michael Strange
Jennifer Suchy
Amy Sullivan
Maureen Sullivan
Andrea N. Sullivan and Craig McCormick
Berkley Summerlin
Supoya Summers
Suzanne and Brian Swift
Lydia Tan
Jean Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Teaford
Kathleen Timm
Peter Toms
Audrey Tormey
Monica Towers
Mary J. Towers
David Trabanino
George and Diana Trebaol
Nilda and Steve Valmores
Denora Perez-Vasquez
Steven Vettel
Clifford Vickrey
Maricela Virgen
Jay Wallace
Ms. Amy Waller
Mary C. Waskowiak
A. J. Watson
Yumiko Westland and Linus Stempuzis
Becky and Ken White
Barry White
Bernita Williams
Casey Williamson
Carol Wilson
Karen Winter
William Witte and P. Keiko Sakamoto
Michael Wolf
Greg J. and Wendy H. Wolkom
Karen Wong
Robin Woo
John and Leslie Woodward
Morris Wright
Donald and Mary Wurtz
Rachel Yeaman
Zhuo Jun Yu
Sabrina Zellmann
Wen Zhao and Nian Mei Zheng

At Mercy Housing, we make every effort to properly thank our donors. Should you find that your listing is not correct, please email Rosalyn Sternberg at

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