The Sisters of Mercy founded Mercy Housing, giving us the foresight and leadership that enabled us to become the leader in affordable housing and Resident Services. They envisioned affordable housing to always offer the Resident Services that, today, keep our organization impactful. Women Religious laid the foundation for Mercy Housing to be more than four walls and a roof, pushing us to pioneer innovation in healthcare and housing models since the beginning.

Communities of Women Religious have sustained and supported Mercy Housing since our founding. Today, more than a quarter of our housing portfolio was made possible by investments from the Sisters. The legacy of the Sisters permeates throughout our core values of respect, justice, and mercy. Women Religious will forever be a source of encouragement and spiritual support as we follow the Sisters’ tradition to speak and act in the belief that affordable housing is a basic human right, no matter a persons religion, background, or beliefs.

National Founding Communities

Collaborated in the early years to establish Mercy Housing, by providing financial support and guidance to respond to the needs of the times.

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Omaha – 1981
Burlingame – 1989
Auburn – 1989
Cedar Rapids – 1993
St Louis – 1998
Chicago – 2003
Connecticut – 2005

Sisters of St Joseph of Peace – 1992
Sisters of St Joseph of Orange – 1997
Sisters of Bon Secours – 1998
Daughters of Charity – Province of the West – 1998
Daughter of Charity – Province of St Louise – 1999

Hope Starts with Home.

Expand your housing ministry by partnering with us to bring more people home.

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Northwest Region Founding Communities

Established Intercommunity Housing in 1992 to provide affordable housing with services to women and children. Affiliated with Mercy Housing in 1992.

Sisters of St Joseph of Peace – 1991
Adrian Dominican Sisters – Edmonds – 1991
Sisters of St Dominic of Tacoma – 1991
Sisters of Providence – 1991
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary – 1995

National Sustaining Communities

Communities that transferred significant housing portfolios or assets to Mercy Housing nationally.

Wheaton Franciscan Sisters – 2016
Sisters of Mercy – US Region (formerly US Provence) – 2018

Supporting Communities

Communities which have donated land, property or funds to develop permanent affordable housing. 

Sister of Notre Dame De Namur
Sisters of the Presentation
Contra Costa Interfaith Housing
The 75 communities of Women Religious which invest in Mercy Community Capital

How We Partner with the Sisters

Donations from congregations of Sisters have made a profound impact on the financial strength of our organization, growing our capacity to foster positive change in the communities that need it most.

Property and Real Estate Bequeathment
Unused real estate and property with potential have been donated to our organization so that we can create more stable affordable homes that serve neighborhoods for the long-term.

Moral Guidance and Leadership
Our core values and dedication to always do what is right, but not always easy for people living with low incomes is a testament to our founders.